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The question “Is there life on other planets?” has long permeated the existence of humans, and as we continue to gaze at the stars above, it is a query that will remain until the end.

Bob Ticer, author of The Alien Stranger, plays with this question and takes it to the extreme. The story focuses on Kayla Chalet and her experience with the Alien Stranger. Readers will find the novel to be a fantastic tale they won’t be able to put down.

Now, we’ll be tackling the question more deeply. We’ll be taking a look at whether or not life on other planets exists.

Alien Life: Do Other Planets Have Life in Them?

Scientists, such as astronomers, are constantly investigating and exploring the universe. The existence of life on other planets is one of the most exciting topics they hope to find an answer to one day. Despite extensive space exploration, researchers have yet to discover any indications that life exists on planets other than Earth.

Earth is very hospitable, which makes living here easy. Earth has water, which living creatures need to survive. Additionally, the atmosphere of Earth is at the right temperature. Our planet’s separation from the sun, Earth’s inhabitants receive an adequate supply of heat, sunlight, and energy.

Even if other planets could have some of Earth’s habitable characteristics, scientists have yet to discover any with all the traits required for life to exist. Earth continues to be unique!

Imagining What Other Worlds Are Like

Scientists have yet to discover another planet like Earth. But humankind has long conjured up the idea of worlds like Earth and the extraterrestrial life that inhabits them. Their ideas have been disseminated through literature, film, and popular culture.

What conditions must be met for humans to survive on another planet? How are researchers searching for other habitable planets?

So… Is There Life on Other Planets?

Discovering unequivocal evidence that active life is present on a planet beyond our solar system is NASA’s ultimate objective with their exoplanet mission. When we make those exploratory, initial, hesitant steps, the likelihood of life in the cosmos and our luck will determine how quickly that can occur.

The Alien Stranger is a book that postulates the possibility of what aliens could be like if they existed. Alien life on other planets is a subject that will garner interest from every human being in this world.

Early planet-finding quests, such as NASA’s Kepler and K2 (its enhanced version) or the forthcoming James Webb Space Telescope, can only offer rudimentary proof of the existence of possibly habitable planets. James Webb, built in part to look into super-Earths and gas giants, could reveal an immense Earth-like planet.

The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope or NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope focuses on the reflected light from a far-off planet. What this does is it helps detect the telltale signs of water vapor, oxygen, or any other strong hint of potential life.

How Long Before We Can Get a Confirmation of Alien Life?

Finding any indications of life might take decades if we’re not lucky. A more powerful imaging telescope is needed to find additional Earth-like planets. The next-generation planet finder will launch into outer space in the 2030s or 2040s. It’s believed that the planet finder is in the stages of being designed.

Professor Sara Seager of physics at MIT hunts for potential chemical combinations that could hint at the existence of extraterrestrial life. She and her biochemistry coworkers first concentrated on the six primary elements related to Earth. These elements are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and hydrogen.

According to Sasha Quanz, an astrophysicist at Switzerland’s Federal Technology Institute ETH Zurich, having a 25-year timeframe to discover life on other planets is unrealistic. There simply is no guarantee that we can find alien life.

Interesting Possibility We Have Yet to See

Although the confirmation of an alien existence may not happen anytime soon, our fascination for it will forever remain. Perhaps it is our desperate need to know that we aren’t just drifting alone in the vastness of space. Whatever the case, the question “Is there life on other planets?” will always be with us.

If you’re interested in space and stories related to it, then Bob Ticer’s The Alien Stranger is a book you should read. Grab a copy of the book today. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs as well and learn whether aliens do exist or not!

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