Kayla, while riding her bicycle to work, hits a football star who gives her earrings. She is then spied on by a hummingbird drone to become used by the Alien Stranger, who adds money to her bank account that was stolen from drug cartels. She becomes a spy for the FBI, but the football player is taken prisoner by a drug cartel. His life becomes dependent on Kayla being able to use the Alien Stranger to save him.


“I’m Kayla Chalet, not looking for a fray, but what can I say?”

“Hey,” he finally replied, “show me the way to a nice fish filet and I’ll be a poet someday.”

“Ten trillion dollars,” he blurted. “It’s from the Federal Treasury.”

Gravity Cause Explained

Combining it with Electromagnetism and Quantum Physics

Gravity Cause Explained explains gravity as a step-by-step process of the historical development of the theory. Verification is in algebra and geometry. Certain paradoxes like how a massless graviton can cause change in mass momenta are explained.


Three future centuries from now, John Luck decides to enter a pool tournament instead of joining his father’s law firm. He is unaware of a proposed diamond bomb threat from an ex-employer of a space program that purchases diamond batteries. Further potential is that carbon atoms uniquely bond with themselves to be fertilizer, bombs, diamonds or whatever, and that solar energy along with atomic nuclear waste from power plants are being used. John further becomes intertwined with Nelly Nelson, who is there attempting to rescue her father.

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