With how vast the universe is, it’s unlikely humans are the only beings in existence. Yet, many are terrified of the unknown and the possibility of other entities unimaginable existing with them.

People have always been curious, fascinated, and the slightest bit terrified by the unexplainable that challenge logic, but does this fascination include aliens and UFOs?

Do they even exist? Do they not? It’s hard to tell.

Throughout the long-standing debate about their existence, there hasn’t been enough solid proof to back any claims. Among the few existing accounts, most are made up, like The Hudson Valley Mystery, which the November 1984 issue of the Discover magazine has debunked.

Instead of evidence of the unthinkable, The Hudson Valley Mystery was only a group of in-flight planes in formation. The group was called the Stormville Flyers, who allegedly outfitted their planes with multi-colored flashing lights to fool people. Despite how most people were outside when it happened, nobody saw it coming or believed it was happening. Everyone was perplexed. After all, such events only happen in science fiction movies.

However, this wasn’t a movie or a dream. Instead, this was a significant spoof planned to get attention from the internet. This blog will expound on all the other sightings and how believable they are in hopes of answering the dispute about the existence of aliens.

First, where do aliens come from?

“Where are they?”

A famous physicist was once taken aback by the absence of evidence proving there are other intelligent civilizations within the galaxy. Although many potential resolutions to this so-called paradox have been suggested over the years, a consensus view has yet to be achieved. The question of whether humans are alone in the universe remains one of the most intriguing in science.

As a step to settling this debate, people, especially space buffs, have stayed alert and observant of any phenomena they could associate with the extraterrestrial. In fact, there have been several recorded sightings that may prove or disprove their existence.

Here are some of them:

The 2017 Interstellar Object Sighting

In 2017, a Canadian astronomer was reviewing images captured by a telescope when he noticed something strange. The telescope atop Haleakalā, designed to hunt for “near-Earth objects,” scans the sky every night, recording the results with the world’s highest-definition camera.

During one of its recordings, a dot of light caught the astronomer’s attention as it moved more than four times the speed of asteroids. The more he observed the movement, the more baffling the object seemed. It was small, with an area roughly comparable to a city block. Its brightness greatly varied as it moved, and the astronomer concluded the object must have an odd shape. It was either skinny and long like a cigar or round and flat like a pizza. How it moved was even more perplexing, as it zipped in a straight line instead of swinging on an elliptical path.

Hence, the astronomers labeled the bright dot as an interstellar object.

The Tic Tac-Shaped Object

An unexplainable event during a training mission near San Diego on November 14, 2004, became one for the books for the commander. On that day, he saw a Tic Tac-shaped object moving faster than the speed of light and any known weaponry. The aircraft carrier to which the commander was on board demanded the team to check the object out.

Nothing stood out of the ordinary until a submarine or a sunken plane emerged, moving irregularly underwater. The commander looked closer out of curiosity, but as he moved closer to the water, the object rapidly surfaced and mirrored his flight pattern. Everything happened at breakneck speed. The craft zoomed past the commander’s jet at lightning speed, even faster, and disappeared.

The Westall UFO Incident

In Melbourne, Australia 1966, a large, disc-shaped object was seen hovering low in the sky above a school in the suburb of Westall. It was described as silently drifting while emitting a bright light and reportedly landed briefly in a nearby field before taking off again. Multiple witnesses, including the school’s teachers and students, reported the sighting. Now, the site is a UFO-themed children’s playground.

It has yet to be determined whether or not aliens exist. However, think about it. With the universe being a prominent place, it would awfully be a lot of empty space if only humans existed within it. What else should be the purpose of the other planets if not to house other civilizations?

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