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Believe it or not, there are actually some serious UFO sightings that even the U.S. Government was required to take it seriously.

On another note, crafting a fantastic extraterrestrial story (one that everyone will take seriously) that will certainly capture the reader’s interest is not an easy feat. However, the science fiction story by Bob Ticer delivers great results and offers a special tale. The Alien Stranger is definitely a book that science fiction fans shouldn’t miss out on.

But going back to the main subject here, a couple of UFO sightings have made the U.S. Government look into them more seriously. We’ve created a list below that we can go through together to learn valuable information.

Chorwon, North Korea (May 1951)

Soldiers Sickened by UFO Encounter: American soldiers stationed in South Korea reported seeing a strange, jack-o-lantern-like apparition drift down over a mountain, along with a pulsating, “attacking” blue-green light. One soldier reported feeling like it was burning and tingling throughout his body. The entire company had to be evacuated by ambulance three days later, many of them suffering from crippling symptoms that persisted for decades.

Maury Island, WA (June 28, 1947)

The First Report of a “Man in Black”: In Puget Sound, Harold Dahl, his son, and their dog spotted six unusual, donut-shaped UFOs above their boat. The strange objects then began to rain down metallic debris. Unfortunately, the dog wasn’t able to survive the ordeal. Then, a man in a black suit paid Dahl a visit. (this was on the following day) who mysteriously knew every detail of what he had experienced.

What made the encounter even weirder was the man in black’s message to Dahl, saying that he needed to forget everything that happened. If he didn’t, he would suffer serious consequences.

Dayton, OH (1947-69)

Project Blue Book Headquarters: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton served as the base of operations for U.S. Air Force inquiries into UFO sightings from 1947 to 1969. These investigations were initially known as Project Sign, then Project Grudge, and finally Project Blue Book.

12,618 occurrences were documented during the period of concern around the Cold War. Out of these, 701 are still “unidentified,” based on the National Archives records, which house the documents of the projects that have been declassified.

These were truly serious UFO sightings that the government simply didn’t have any explanation for. The mystery behind these “unidentified” occurrences is similar to the mysterious events happening in the science fiction story by Bob Ticer. While Bob’s work is clearly fictional, one could say that the convincing sightings of UFOs inspired him to write his book.

Roswell, NM (Summer 1947)

America’s Most Notable UFO Sighting: Following their startling announcement that they had found pieces of a “flying disc” from a ranch in New Mexico, U.S. Army Air Forces authorities soon changed their minds, stating the debris was actually from a “weather balloon” that had crashed.

Many years later, the U.S. Air Force acknowledged that they had made up that narrative to hide the truth that the wreckage was caused by an aerial spy plane. There are enduring conspiracy theories regarding government cover-ups and captured aliens.

Washington, DC (July 1952)

UFOs Buzzed the White House: At the National Airport, an air traffic controller joked that the radar blips appeared to be flying saucers. However, fighter jets were sent in after other coworkers noticed them as well and after the Capitol and White House lights buzzed. The Air Force’s explanation was an inversion in temperature, even though media headlines cried out, “Saucers Swarm Over Capital.”

Groom Lake, NV: Area 51 (Since the mid-1950s)

This desolate area of the Nevada desert, long shrouded in mystery, was initially selected by the CIA in 1955 as the ideal location to test the revolutionary U-2 surveillance plane—away from prying eyes. At Area 51, experimental “black aircraft” were constructed over several decades. UFO accusations were sparked by the planes’ daring designs, which startled other pilots within the area who happened to spot them.

Which Serious UFO Sightings Caught Your Interest?

We hope you enjoyed this trip to discover the UFO sightings the U.S. Government took seriously. This is only the very beginning, though. You should certainly go deeper beyond the surface if you want to.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the awesome science fiction story by Bob Ticer—The Alien Stranger—and enjoy a unique extraterrestrial story. Check out our other articles and discover whether aliens are our friends or dangerous strangers!

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