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The importance of science fiction cannot be understated because whether we believe it or not, the genre does offer some benefits to the real world we live in.

The genre of science fiction has always been captivating. The complexities and simplicity of sci-fi characters also add to the beauty of it. Aside from that, science fiction is currently a hot topic in the media. Many individuals like Bob Ticer, author of The Alien Stranger, show how much they love the genre by writing sci-fi stories that many readers will love.

But what exactly makes science fiction so important? Well, that’s what we aim to find out today, so join us as we talk about sci-fi and its value!

Defining What Science Fiction Actually Is

Although there isn’t one widely recognized classification for science fiction, it typically deals with universes that are different from our own. This results in us making novel technological advancements, social structures, or scientific findings. The effects of this modification are then examined.

This broad definition allows science fiction to address any and all problems about the future. It also allows authors to dwell on issues regarding politics, society, science, and philosophical matters of the mind. Sometimes, it can even be difficult to distinguish science fiction from fantasy. This is due to the fact that the meaning of science has evolved significantly over time. As Arthur C. Clarke famously said, “…any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Taking a Brief Look Into Science Fiction’s History

It is impossible to determine what the first science fiction narrative is because there isn’t a single, widely recognized definition of the genre. Science fiction frequently contains aspects from religious texts and poetry, particularly those that depict the universe’s birth or annihilation. Aside from that, many gods are linked to abilities that have since been used in science fiction.

You can think of this as another evidence that shows the importance of science fiction and why society needs science fiction. Author and duelist Cyrano de Bergerac wrote the first book on rocket-powered space exploration in the 17th Century, not long after the Copernican Revolution. Bob Ticer’s The Alien Stranger and other science fiction books then followed to create the current literary landscape we have today.

What Makes Science Fiction So Valuable?

Science fiction is significant for three main reasons. First off, science fiction may be utilized to investigate how we fit in the cosmos. Since we’re still far away from being a spacefaring species, it’s safe to say that we don’t know our rank or position in the universe.

It also helps us think critically about basic philosophical concerns. Things like the essence of reality and mental processes, taking into account logically plausible universes, are all covered here.

Second, more people may be motivated to pursue careers in science by science fiction. Reading Jules Verne’s stories motivated Edwin Hubble to become a physicist. He produced convincing proof for the theory of the Big Bang and was the first to demonstrate that galaxies exist beyond the Milky Way.

Thirdly—and maybe most importantly—science fiction was the sole genre that showed alternative social structures. Since it enables us to envision the future we want and think through strategies for getting there, this is the initial step towards progress. It also helps us avert futures we want to avoid by bringing them to our attention.

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Books That Helped the History of Science Fiction Flourish

Prior to the myriads of science fiction novels that we have today, we had ancient texts that started it all. Here are some of them:

• Lucian of Samosata’s True History (2nd Century)

A fictional book called True History was created to parody works of literature that depict human space travel, such as Homer’s Odyssey and Antonius Diogenes’ Of the Wonderful Things Beyond Thule.

• Various Authors’ One Thousand and One Nights (750 – 13th Century)

During the Islamic Golden Era, a compilation of tales from the Middle East and South Asia was referred to as One Thousand and One Nights, or the Arabian Nights.

• Unknown Author The Voynich Manuscript (15th Century)

Despite not being science fiction, the Voynich Manuscript is arguably the most enigmatic book. Composed between 1404 and 1483 and discovered in 1912, it has over 200 pages of text that is still unintelligible, as well as hundreds of images of unknown animals and astronomical charts.

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Celebrate the Importance of Science Fiction by Enjoying the Genre

We’re so happy to have talked to all of you about the value of science fiction. It is our hope that you continue to enjoy the genre so that authors like Bob Ticer and stories like The Alien Stranger will continue to entertain everybody.

Grab a copy of Bob’s book today, and don’t forget to read some of our other articles so that you can answer the question, “Is it possible for aliens to visit us?”

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